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The Swiss Army knife of web application testing

Loadero is a web application testing platform and is built to run load tests which simulate real-world conditions. The tests launched in Loadero perform actions as they would be performed by actual users visiting the web application. During the test execution each user gathers metrics about the test such as action duration, CPU usage as well as WebRTC specific metrics like FPS, bitrate and much more.

  • WebRTC


    Simulate audio and video inputs to test the performance of WebRTC applications as the calls grow.

    Learn about WebRTC testing
  • Performance


    Measure the time it takes for users to complete actions, resource consumption of your web application and much more.

    Discover performance testing
  • Load


    Simulate traffic of thousands of virtual users to proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks and provide smooth visitor experience.

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  • Monitor


    Set up continuous monitoring to always be aware of current performance and get notified of any issues as soon as they arise.

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Analyze metrics in-depth

Use Loadero metrics to pinpoint the issue faster. The metrics include information about client-side performance, WebRTC statistics, step execution times and much more.
Get notified

Get notified about performance changes

Use Loadero metrics to pinpoint the issue faster. The metrics include information about client-side performance, WebRTC statistics, step execution times and much more.

Choose the right tool for the job

  • Multiple locations

    Wide geographic distribution

    Run tests from various geographic locations.

  • Network

    Different network conditions

    Make sure your web application works when the network doesn't.

  • MOS

    MOS calculations

    Automatically calculated Mean Opinion Scores for WebRTC tests.

  • Validations

    Automated validations

    Performance metrics are validated automatically, so you don't have to.

  • Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring

    Set up scheduled test runs to monitor service availability.

  • Time execution

    Measure execution time

    Get step execution times and evaluate overall user experience.

  • Multiple users

    Thousands of users

    Simulate thousands of virtual users visiting your web application.

  • Multiple browsers

    Different browsers

    Have your virtual users use any of the five most recent Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox versions.

  • WebRTC Metrics

    WebRTC metrics

    Inspect various client-side WebRTC metrics.

  • Media injection

    Media injection

    Use several provided fake media options to emulate microphone/webcam usage.


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  • Test execution

    Load test execution

    Preparing and executing load tests can be tricky, so you can rely on experienced engineers to achieve your goals.

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  • Performance

    Performance monitoring

    If you want continuous performance monitoring to ensure release-to-release stability, we can help you set up your tests and CI pipeline.

    Learn about performance monitoring
  • Test creation

    Test creation

    If you don't have engineering time to spare for test creation, we can help you with the test script development.

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  • Validation

    Test result validation

    Sometimes you can take care of everything yourself, but you just want the additional confirmation that everything is done right, We are here for that.

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